In the bundled services we provide, there are some very important features that we usually don’t get to discuss much about. We guess it’s usually because Clients don’t ask about those features as they may not sound glamorous or maybe they don’t look all that important initially and get buried in all the other features and services we provide.

We thought we’ll take time to discuss about one such feature today.

Premium Banner Images

No we are not talking about the Product Images that anyway you’ll get for all our products. What we are talking about is the Images that you’ll see in your website’s Sliders and Banners.

Why Is It So Important?

  1. Because you need to constantly change slider and banner images in your website to ensure your customers don’t get bored and your website looks new everytime .
  2. Because no website development companies or SAAS companies will talk about this. The reason is usually graphic designers charge you on an average Rs.1000 for one banner as their operating profit.

You don’t get it, do you? let’s talk about some practical scenarios you’d encounter in your E-commerce journey.

Imagination of a Practical Situation: Assume that you got a website done from some X web development company paying them about Rs.2 lacs and you are considering to promote it now.

Re-checking the website thoroughly, you have finally decided to promote it on Facebook and Google. After promoting your site for a couple of weeks, you are finding that you are getting a repeated customers which is good. But you also note that the time that your customers spend on your website is getting reduced every time. This is not a good sign, right?

So you take the matter seriously and start researching about the reason. The first point you’ll come across is that customers are bored with the same images that exists for weeks without any change. You decide to act on it and approach multiple options like the website development company who has done the work for you, other designing companies, freelance designers, etc., You are finally shell shocked to learn that every single images costs you about Rs.1,000 approximately.

Not just that, you need a minimum of 3 images at a time which you need to change every week or twice a month that comes around 6-15 images a month. That is a huge spending of about Rs.1,50,000 to Rs.2,00,000 extra every year just on images.

Just on images! We bet, you’d not have even thought about it first. Correct?

It’s surprising that how changing the banner images will even cost more than the website development cost itself in many cases, isn’t. We tell you this because we got Clients who had experienced the exact same things from their previous web development companies.

Anyway, there is no need to worry about it with us.At Baapstore, we provide you a library of banner images which we’ll be consistently updating in context to the fashion, festivals, etc., Let me tell you, we design these images only for our premium resellers and so it will be both Exclusive and Free for you.

Note: As we have wide presence across all parts of India supporting MSMEs, we continuously work with 1000s of serious resellers and understand what works and what’s not. Being a Startup recognized company by DIPP, we’ll work all around the clock to ensure that we bring you the solutions in a very cost effective or as in many cases as above, as a Free solution in our bundles.

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